What is MPU?

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MPU is the abbreviation for "Medizinisch-psychologische Untersuchung" (medical-psychological assessment). In Germany, it is known colloquially as the "idiot test".
The MPU is used by the authorities in deciding on fitness to drive motor vehicles on public roads.
The MPU can be performed at any officially recognized MPU assessment centers.

What is included in the MPU?

Medical assessment

The medical assessment reviews your medical history in as far as this is relevant for road safety. Also included is a medical examination for determining your current medical condition.

Among other things, the examination checks for physical damage incurred due to alcohol or drug use. Liver function tests as well as drug tests are performed to identify possible substance abuse in preceding months. The results are highly relevant for a positive assessment.

Reaction test

Traffic-relevant performance tests on the computer, during which physical reactions, concentration and attention are tested.
If you do not pass the MPU reaction test, there is also the option of having your reactions tested during a driving behavior test in a motor vehicle. In order to save you these costs (€ 300 - € 500), we offer you the opportunity to practice your reactions on the computer for a few weeks before the MPU.

Psychological assessment

1. Review and discussion of your personal particulars, e.g. your occupation, marital status, leisure activities etc.
2. Description of the circumstances of the offense/s leading to your present-day assessment.
3. Clarification of possible correlations between these circumstances and your life situation at the time.
4. If related to alcohol use: Review of your alcohol use at the time of the incident and in general. If related to traffic offenses: Description of your driving behavior at the time.
5. Your own evaluation of your former behavior from today's perspective and your mindset at the time of the incident.
6. Explanation of the causes and background of your former alcohol use or unsatisfactory driving behavior.
7. Presentation of ensuing changes to your mindset that prevent recurrence of such incidents.

- If related to alcohol use: your current mindset with regard to alcohol use.

- If related to traffic offenses: Changes to your mindset or driving behavior.
8. Presentation of the reasons for these changes and related personal development, e.g. professional support (counseling/therapy). Presentation of other related changes in lifestyle (e.g. work, family, social environment, leisure time activities etc.)
9. Presentation of intentions and strategies for implementing and maintaining current objectives.

You will receive the MPU report after approx. 14 days. In case of a favorable ruling, you can then pick up your driving license from the driving license authorities.